Boise State Operations Manager in Boise, Idaho

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: &&Boise State University, powered by creativity and innovation, stands uniquely positioned in the Northwest as a metropolitan research university of distinction. Learn more about Boise State and the City of Boise at .&&&& Boise State University is committed to increasing the diversity of its faculty, staff, students, and academic program offerings and to strengthening sensitivity to diversity throughout the institution. Boise State University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer, and applications from members of historically underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply. We are a welcoming campus that supports diversity and inclusion. &&&&&b& Position Overview: &/b&&&&&&b& &&&/b&&&&& The Operations Manager is a senior professional staff member who ensures that the Department of Community and Environmental Health meets objectives and standards through effective and efficient management processes and practices. Under the leadership of the Department Head, the operations manager has operational control of a range of projects including oversight and management of all departmental budget, accounting, and administrative support personnel. &&&&&b& Essential Duties & Responsibilities Include: &/b&&&&&&b& &&&/b&&&&& Department Budget: &&&&&ul&&ul&&li& Manage the financial performance of the department and financial resources; consult with the department head, dean's office and university finance and budget staff, and grants and sponsored programs as necessary. &/li&&li& Provide information and consultation to Department Head regarding financial matters, different funding models (BroncoBudget 2.0, degree completion programs, appropriated and local funds, etc.) and operational impact of fiscal performance. &/li&&li& Project and strategize future financial needs, considering the cost of various projects and commitments. &/li&&li& Conduct cost benefit analyzes, research and analyze financial requests and recommend the most efficient and appropriate strategies for funding. &/li&&li& Write and manage resources related to MOAs/MOUs and contracts &/li&&li& Prepare and monitor budget transfers, adjunct pay, salaried, institutional salary savings, sabbatical funding, and summer course fees. &/li&&li& Along with others in the department, identify and generate new resources through foundations, development, research, or services. &/li&&li& Track additional faculty and department funds, including foundation funds, FIPPs, F&A/IDC, and start ups. &/li&&li& Prepare and present resources to help faculty understand the budget. &/li&&/ul&&/ul&&&&b& Administrative & Information Management: &/b&&&&&&b& &&&/b&&&&ul&&ul&&li& Manage administrative staff and oversee distribution of student workers to ensure department and faculty administrative needs are meet. &/li&&li& Manage change and disseminate critical information to the department related to department, school, college, and university administration and incorporating into departmental processes and policies as needed. &/li&&li& Assist with developing processes and manage workflow, communication and documentation regarding internal processes and policies and onboarding of new faculty, staff, and student workers. &/li&&li& Implement and recommend operating methods to improve processing, distribution, data flow, collection, and monitoring of departmental information, data, and databases. &/li&&li& Responsible for making information and data accessible and user friendly to faculty and staff. &/li&&li& Develop and management special projects as requested by the department head. &/li&&/ul&&/ul&&& Human Resources Management: &&&&&b& &&&/b&&&&ul&&ul&&li& Oversee human resource management functio s for the department to ensure university policies, procedures, and precedents that govern HR processes are followed. &/li&&li& Oversee the search for all department faculty and staff positions. &/li&&li& Develop policies and processes for onboarding. &/li&&li& Complete and process all hiring paperwork for adjuncts, student workers, TAs, work study. &/li&&li& Clarify and maintain workload policies. &/li&&/ul&&/ul&&& Assessment & Evaluation: &&&&&b& &&&/b&&&&ul&&ul&&li& Help with accreditation and department strategic plan. &/li&&li& Operationalize the department strategic plan and ensure that the department evaluation aligned with college and objectives and key performance indicators. &/li&&/ul&&/ul&&&&b& Minimum Qualifications: &/b&&&&&&b& &&&/b&&&&ul&&ul&&li& Bachelor's degree plus 2-4 years of relevant professional experience. &/li&&/ul&&/ul&&&&b& Preferred Qualifications: &/b&&&&&&b& &&&/b&&&&ul&&ul&&li& Master's degree with business emphasis or equivalent middle/upper middle management/operations experience. &/li&&li& 2-4 years experience working at an accredited education institution. &/li&&/ul&&/ul&&& The successful candidate will possess the interest, experience, and/or ability to promote cultural competency and/or diversity. &&&&&b&Salary and benefits:&/b& Salary commensurate with experience and education. Total compensation includes an excellent benefits package: &&&&&ul&&ul&&li& Me