Catalina Foothills School District Education Assistant - Inclusion (Job ID 955) in Tucson, Arizona

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Work individually with students with special needs and support educational progress of the student's established Individual Education Program. Modify lessons, instructional materials, quizzes and tests for student accessibility and comprehension. Conduct parallel teaching/tutoring. Take notes for student. Work with small groups of students. Maintain behavior reinforcement programs for positive and negative behavior. Provide physical support and assistance to assure student moves between classroom locations in a timely manner.Assist with major personal, physical and custodial needs of the student including feeding, lifting, positioning, assisted walking, pushing a wheelchair and toilet needs. Assist with range of motion exercises, physical/occupational therapy programs and physical education. Assist student in developing fine and gross motor skills, balance and interpreting directions. Assist with speech therapy. Follow established medical emergency plans for medically frail and medically involved students as needed.Teach life skills and study skills. Write and submit progress reports. Assist other special needs students as needed. Use a variety of methods, such as assistive software, sign language, Braille and typing/writing for the student, to communicate with student and assist student in developing functional communications skills. Monitor and document student activities and progress for teacher and parental review. Assist teachers in carrying out education program. Assist teachers in working with special needs children. Attend consultations with specialists to meet needs of special needs children. Interact with children to encourage positive self-concept and enthusiasm for the discovery process. Prepare classroom and playground as needed. Attend weekly staff meetings. Adhere to the goals, policies and procedures of the program.